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Faralya a beautiful and isolated village nestled in stunning mountains that rise from the Mediterranean sea about 15km along the coast from Olu Deniz.
Faralya is a perfect destination to escape from the unpleasant over development and mass package tourism of Hisaronu, Ovacik and Olu Deniz. There are no large hotels or developments just small hotels, pensions and camp-sites.
Faralya is a beautiful place to relax in peaceful surroundings and a natural environment, great for hiking, deserted beaches, breath taking views, swimming and chilling out. It is also located on the Lycian way a famous trekking route that stretches from Fethiye to Antalya through the heart of the ancient Lycian culture that was voted one of the 'world's top ten walks' by the Times. There are no restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and just a few small grocery stores.

Until fairly recently Faralya was almost completely inaccessible from the outside and it is only over the last twenty years that they have completed a road from Olu Deniz to Faralya, before this if the local inhabitants wished to go to town it would be a nine hour trek down treacherous mountain paths. Apparently offended by the destruction of their idyllic isolation the local villagers stood at the side of the road and threw stones at the first Dolmus to travel the new road. Like many places in Turkey there is a delicate balance between the needs and traditions of the locals and the income provided by opening up their beautiful village to tourism albeit on quite a small scale.

Getting There
You can get to Faralya on a Dolmus ride from Olu Deniz via a twenty minute ride along a mountain road complete with hairpin bends and sheer cliff drops to the Mediterranean below which can be a little unsettling for those of a nervous disposition, try to bear in mind that the Dolmus driver probably drives this route every day, which might explain the hurry!

Whilst in Faralya we stayed At Faralya Art House.

In Faralya

Kabak Beach


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