Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hisaronu - Tourist hell or tourist heaven?

Hisaronu is a holiday resort situated between Fethiye and Olu Deniz a few kilometres inland from the beautiful Mediterranean coast. It somewhat resembles a really cheap, tacky English seaside resort that's been uprooted and dumped on Turkey's Turquoise Rivera, expect bars and restaurants with English themes, menus, clientèle, lots of sport bars, tattoo parlours, karaoke, beer bellies, and more people wearing St Georges flags and union jack paraphernalia then I thought possible outside of some kind of surreal patriotic nightmare. Walking down the main street in the evening is not dissimilar to a visit to any British town centre on a Saturday night, there is a party atmosphere, neon lights, locals touting day trips and trying to beckon you into their establishment, bar after bar in which to wile away the evening relaxing to the thumping disco music. All in all for me it represents everything that is bad about mass tourism, and certainly isn't a destination to consider if you want to experience Turkish culture, in fact the idea that someone would base their opinion of Turkey on the back of a visit to Hisaronu appals me to the core.
However having said all that there is a thriving tourist industry here, I spoke with one hotelier who said they get so much return custom that they don't even advertise any more, and many of the tourists I spoke to came every year after year to stay in the same hotel. So it obviously appeals to someone out there. If you want to stay in a Mediterranean resort that offers you the chance to get smashed every day of your holiday, play bingo, sing karaoke, go clubbing, wake up to a full English every morning, watch the football on a big screen TV with English commentary and get a new tattoo then this could be the perfect holiday for you! Alternatively you could just go to Brighton for the weekend.

Beautiful places to stay and visit around Hisaronu



Gocek Island

Kabak valley 

Kayakoy Ghost Village 


Honestly Opinionated 72 said...

Well that's your opinion although you failed to mention that one of the best beaches in the world is five minutes away. Not to mention the stunning local scenery with the mountainous backdrop and the fabulous weather. So spare us all the drivel about going to Brighton instead!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you really didn't experience Turkiye for what it is, did you? Hisaronu, which means the front of the castle, is situated between Fethiye, the fishing town, and Oludeniz, one of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons on the planet. A short walk from Hisaronu is Kaya, the ghost town. Although some liken Hisaronu to a cheap Blackpool, it is most definitely not. Look past the English restaurants and neon signs, and you'll find a lovely family run gozleme (pancake) shop by the roundabout. Made fresh in front of you, these are a bargain at 4 lira each and a great lunch snack! Pop to Azda and sample the delicious baklava and sweetbread rolls. Wherever you eat, you're guaranteed a great atmosphere and beautiful backdrop, but recommended are the Lemon Tree, Swallows, Abrakebabra and Honeymoon Cafe. For evening drinks, Black Pearl Bar and Berts Caribbean bar are both brilliant. Not too lary like Hisaronu's few clubs, the owners are fantastic and live music from Bert is a must-see!
I have lived here, and trust me, its a beautiful place between the seas hammering touch and the cities bustling atmosphere.

Headstraight75 said...

Yes I suppose your right I really haven't experienced the real Turkiye at all! Not when I got married in Turkish, in Turkey to my Turkish wife, not at my nephews Sünnet celebration, or the countless Turkish weddings and Bayrams I have attended, not when I was sitting in the cockpit of an operational Turkish F4 or at my kayınbiraders passing out parade, not in the many afternoons spent drinking Turkish coffee and playing back gammon or evenings drinking raki in the meyhane, Not on the many occasions I have stayed with my Turkish in-laws or been a guest at the houses of other Turkish friends. Not when I'm was working the fields with my Turkish father or carrying sacks full of dead cow for the Iftar meal at Ramazan.

I think possibly you should actually read the page before commenting, see the handy links at the bottom mentioning some of the beautiful places you mention including the fascinating village at Kayakoy one of my favourite places in Turkey, or Faralya the beautiful mountain village just outside Oludeniz.

I'm sure the Gozleme at the roundabout is outstanding but finding a Turkish town that doesn't have a family run shop serving fresh Gozleme, would be like finding an English town where you can't find freshly made pasties! I'm also sure that Black Pearl Bar and Berts Caribbean bar are both lovely venues but for authentic Turkish cuisine like what the locals eat you might want to try somewhere that actually has a Turkish name! Beyond that I'm really glad you enjoyed your time there, but obviously I'm amongst those that would liken Hisaronu to a very un-Turkish cheap Blackpool!