Monday, 9 August 2010

Kabak Valley/Beach

Kabak beach is situated at the bottom of the beautiful Kabak Valley in Faralya, near Olu Deniz on the Turkish Mediterranean, almost completely untouched by commercial tourism partly due to its isolated position and partly because of a moratorium on development in this part of Mugla province. With its small encampment of beach bums, hippies, students and potheads it bears an uncanny and slightly comical resemblance to the beach in Leonardo DiCaprios film of the same name.

The beach is reachable from Kabak Koy (village) which is the last stop on the dolmus that runs between Olu Deniz and Faralya where you will find a café rather helpfully named last stop café, From the village you have to climb down a footpath to the beach it is approximately 600m and quite rough in places, there is a track that 4x4's go up and down and they will take you down for an extortionate 20 TL. The trek is well worth it because the views are stunning and at the bottom you will find the beautiful and relatively deserted kabak beach.

On the actual beach there are no facilities at all apart from a man under an umbrella selling chilled water. Just behind the beach in the valley are several camp-sites with food, drink and accommodation as required.

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deputu said...

It's look like our lake in Bali, Batur Lake. Very beautiful and nice article.