Thursday, 15 January 2009

Midas City the Yazılıkaya Platform

The Yazılıkaya Platform also known as Midas city is in the county of Eskişehir in the Yazılıkaya (written rock) village, maps of the area marked with all the areas of cultural and historical interest in Eskişehir are available at the Eskişehir tourist information centre. The Yazılıkaya platform was first occupied by man in the early Bronze Age, there are considerable archaeological remains from the Hittite period and the whole platform is like a preserved Phrygian settlement. The Phrygians occupied the area after the decline of the Hittite empire and the Yazılıkaya Platform is thought to be the 7th century BC religious centre of the Phrygian culture. On the site there are approximately 33 ruins from the Phrygian period including the Midas monument (a monument built to the goddess Cybele at the behest of King Midas), Phrygian rock tombs, altars, ancient roads, fountains, gigantic underground cisterns, rock thrones, Phrygian monuments, inscriptions and a massive stone fortress.
The Midas monument at a height of 17 meters is considered one of the most important stone monuments in the world, as is the equally high Unfinished Monument, which gives an indication of how work on these monuments were carried out(from top to bottom). Both monuments are covered in Phrygian inscriptions. The Yazılıkaya Platform has been suggested for inclusion in ‘world cultural and natural heritage list’. The Platform is beautiful and fascinating; we took a picnic and spent half day walking around soaking up the atmosphere.

Getting there: The easiest way to see the area is by car, as it is quite out of the way, this will also give you the opportunity to stop at some of the other sites of historical interest that surround the area. Don’t be afraid to stop and ask direction as the people in the surrounding villages are very helpful. Also bear in mind that there are no services whatsoever so bring food and drink with you. If you are planning on taking children you should keep them close and if possible leashed at all times as there are sudden 30ft holes in the ground to cisterns and cliffs to fall down.


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