Monday, 26 January 2009

A light Snack at Eminönü quayside

Without doubt the one thing you should not miss on any trip to Istanbul is the opportunity to grab a bite to eat as Eminönü quayside. The quayside & the adjacent Galata bridge is lined with anglers catching fresh fish which is quickly grilled and sold by the vendors who have parked their barbecues in a line behind the anglers. The grilled fish is served in a crusty bread roll with a little salad and is very reasonably priced. Unless you eat it raw this is about as fresh as fresh fish can get. You may have to stand as it’s often difficult to find a seat amongst all the hustle and bustle, but it’s normally easy enough to find a comfortable place to lean. If fish is not your thing there is also a kiosk there that sells the most fantastic to die for doner kebab in a bread roll with salad, the kiosk has some plastic tables and chairs so there is even an opportunity to eat sitting down. For those who want to take their time and eat in a more relaxing environment the base of the Galata bridge is full on both sides of balik evi (fish house) restaurants, although the touts on the outside trying to beckon you in are some of the most persistent and irritating I have come across. Once inside you will find the majority of these restaurants more than adequate.

Useful Turkish:
Grilled fish: Izgara balik
Doner in bread: Doner ekmek
Fish sandwich: Balik ekmek


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